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Are you a photographer struggling with the business & marketing side of your photography?


Are you worried you may need to close your photography business? 


How about wanting to take your side hussle into a full time career? 


Or are you looking to change your career, become a photographer and love what you do day to day - but do not know where to start? 

This is where we can help!

We offer a franchise model which allows you to do more of things you LOVE, offer ongoing coaching and support to reach your professional and personal goals.   

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Ready to love your career again? 

Hi there! I am Katy, the owner of Tiny Adventure Studios. I have worked within the photography industry for nearly 15 years in a variety of areas from weddings, commercial photography, editing and of course, portraiture and newborn photography. 

I have grown Tiny Adventure Studios to six locations across the UK and still growing... all within the last 2 and a bit years - while having my two beautiful babies! My "why" for all that I do. 

While talking to many incredible photographers over the years I kept hearing the same things....

"I am EXHAUSTED doing everything in my business"

"I'm up all night editing... "

"I'm missing time with my family..." 

"HOW do I get more bookings, while shooting AND editing everything" 

"HOW do I convert the bookings?"

"HOW do I sell like that?"

"HOW do I compete in my area?"

"I WISH I could be doing more/less of X" and


"HOW are you doing what you are doing?" 


So... I thought... Let's create a solution.


A solution to do MORE of what photographers LOVE and LESS of what they don't

A Solution to give back family time

A solution to reach personal, professional and financial goals

To give systems & support

To remove the stress of marketing, conversions & editing 

To give more confidence, more direction and a TEAM around them (in what can be a very lonely industry)  


And so, the TINY ADVENTURE FRANCHISE was created. 

What is a franchise? 

A franchise is like a teamwork deal where the franchisee runs a business using the brand and know-how in exchange for some fees on sales you make. So you only have fee's when YOU are making money.

The franchisee gets to run their own business with a well-known brand, with all the support, backing, knowledge of the franchisor. 

What I love about the franchise model is that it bypasses all the learning & mistakes which naturally happens when starting a business. So you become profitable quicker and with the confidence that someone has walked the path before you - and it proven that it WORKS! 

Why is theTiny Adventure Franchise Different? 

Run & Owned by Photographers 

We have been in your shoes. I was a photographer for many years, we have husseled, we have worn the many hats, we have had the sleepless nights, the 18 hour days, we have carried out the IPS sessions and know how best to navigate them... We have learnt from them, developed systems to create a life you love. 

Guaranteed Bookings each year

We guarantee a number of bookings each year as a minimum PLUS help you with local networking to grow your studio. 

Dedicated Client services team 

We have a dedicated Client Services team on the mainline phone and email 7 days a week so you clients can always reach someone. They also convert the leads that we generate so you take them over ONCE they have booked. 


 Editing Woes - GONE! 

This is a big one for lot's of photographers. We have an in-house editing team which take care of all your editing. Goodbye editing all-nighters! 

Ongoing training, support & coaching

From Monthly business coaching, 1-2-1's, ongoing support & training in photography & sales to reach your goals, we have you covered. 

Full guidance in setting up your studio

We have worked with seasoned photographers who already have a commercial studio through to people who are coming into photography for the first time and need training from the beginning. We tailor your onboarding to suite your current skill set and give you all the guidance on how to  set up your studio and develop it into a profitable business. 

Chat to our current franchisees 

Don't just take our word for it, our current franchisees are all very happy to chat to any one enquiring about a franchise with Tiny Adventure. 

- Enjoy what you do day-to-day with wonderful clients

- Create award winning photography

- Get back in control of your finances 

- Do more of what you love 

- Get back more quality time & balance 

- Develop your business to reach your personal and profession goals 


Are you ready to ....

Fill in the form below for more information & arrange a call

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To find out more about me... 




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Enquires/Booking Line: 0800 368 9761

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