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Capturing Moments with Peace of Mind: Why Choosing Newborn Safety Trained Photographers is Essential

Newborn photography is a beautiful way to capture those precious moments with your new arrival. However, it can also be a daunting task for new parents. Safety is of the utmost importance to us at Tiny Adventure Studios. Finding a trusted and experienced newborn photographer who knows how to handle your baby with care is essential. A newborn photographer should have the necessary skills and equipment to ensure that your baby is safe throughout the session.

Did you know the newborn photography industry in the UK is unregulated?

When choosing a newborn photographer, it's important to do your research. Look for someone who has experience in newborn photography and has a portfolio that showcases their work. We find it shocking that anyone can call themselves a newborn photographer and charge money for it without any training or safety qualifications.

At Tiny Adventure Studio’s, all our photographers are trained in newborn safety, safe handling and posing of newborns, paediatric first aid & they are DBS checked. Even our bookings team must have a DBS check.

The studio where the photography session will take place is clean, warm, and comfortable for your baby with everything they need. We offer a range of props and accessories to choose from to create the perfect setting for your photos. We ensure all our props are sourced from fantastic suppliers and crafters around the world to ensure the best quality and avoiding cheap online stores as there is a risk of not knowing what chemicals have been used on the items.

We still sanitise all items after each session.

We allow plenty of time for your newborn session for a baby led experience

There are photographers who will offer very quick newborn shoots. We decided we didn’t like the thought of our clients being rushed which is stressful for the parents and so, stressful for baby. We allow plenty of time to go at baby’s speed, allowing lots of time for feeds, cuddles and changes.

During the session, we handle your baby with care and never force them into poses that could be uncomfortable or unsafe. Sometime we even ask parents to get involved and help support baby to get the best photos.

And after the session…

After the sessions, our wonderful editors work on the images to give them that polish! When you come back to view your beautiful gallery of images you can choose from a range of digital packages, wall art and printed products such as albums to best suit your needs.

Newborn photography is a wonderful way to capture those precious, fleeting moments with your baby. However, safety should always be a top priority as it is with us.

Choosing a trusted newborn photographer who knows how to handle your baby with care and has a studio that is clean and comfortable is essential.

Even if you don’t book with us, remember to ask perspective photographers:

  • Are they newborn safety trained?

  • Are they qualified in paediatric first aid?

  • Are they insured?

  • Do they have a DBS check?

  • If they come to your home, how do they make sure it’s safe for baby & what space do they need?

Would you like to know more about what we do? Call the team on 0800 368 9761, email or Whatsapp 07519 744 962

Tiny Adventure Studios are in:

Reading, Berkshire,

Swansea & Cardiff, South Wales,

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